Real people, Real rat lovers.

Real people, real rat lovers!
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Welcome to RatsNoSPOs! We are a community that serves as a gathering place for knowledgeable rat owners, as well as an educational tool for new and potential rat owners. Our goal here is to provide a place for rat-lovers to talk about their animals and share information freely, and we always welcome new members who feel the same way we do!

In an effort to weed out SPOs (Stupid Pet Owners), membership to this community is by application only. But don't worry, we don't bite... much. We just like to know a bit about the people that join. :)

We also accept people who are just wanting to learn a bit more about keeping rats as pets, or people who are looking to learn with an eye towards owning rats of their own in the future.

Below are the different applications for people interested in applying to choose from. For more information on the different types of applications, the application process, and a general "What to expect" guide please click here to go to our 'Application Process' post.

Experienced owner application:

Breeder application:
New owner application:

Pre-ownership application:

Congrats to starsforophelia, who's photo will be displayed until April 1st.

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Every two weeks we accept photo submissions, which are then voted on by our members. Best one stays on our header for two weeks. Check here for current details.

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Or maybe just a question or concern?

Drop us a line at:

Your friendly Mods are:
binitza, icelore, darksong17, & nimrodjess

A list of all of our current stamped members can be found here.

Most of these rules should be unspoken, but just in case anyone was wondering, here they are in print, along with a brief clarification of each.

1. In order to become a member of this community, you must complete and submit an application within a week of joining the community. If no application is posted, you may be contacted via your personal journal by one of the mods, or be removed from the community.

2. Members who have not been accepted may not post any entries (other then their application) or make comments to others' posts.

3. We do not tolerate flaming or excessive rudeness in this community. Obviously, sharing advice is the whole point of a community, but singling a person out, or making direct derogatory comments about them is not acceptable. If something is posted that you find offensive, detrimental to an animal's welfare, or abusive in another way, contact a Mod, and we will take care of it. On average though, we ask that all members respect other peoples' opinions, and the Mods will make sure that yours are respected as well. :)

4. LiveJournal, and more specifically ratsnospos, is not a vet's office. You should know your pet well enough to know if vet care, immediate or otherwise, is needed. Asking about care, or other member's experiences is one thing, but no one can diagnose a problem over the internet, and we would hope that it wouldn't even be expected.

5. If you are going to post pictures (PLEASE DO! And do it often too!), one 'teaser' image no wider then 400 pixels wide is fine, but please put the rest behind a LJ cut tag. It keeps everyone's friend's pages nice that way.

6. It is preferred that you keep posts rat related, but posts about your life, your other pets, or other things that may effect your ratties is fine too. Besides, we want this to be a fun community, so getting to know you through your posts is a good thing! And of course, if you want to post pics of your dog, cat, hammies, mice, frogs, pigs, ferrets, birds, herps, or anything else, go ahead! You *know* we all want to see them. :D

7. Every member of this community contributes to it as a whole, and we are very proud of it! As such, we try to keep our standards high, and ask that you please not advertise for other rat related communities here. Thank you!

Of course, rules may be modified by the Mod's discretion or as circumstances warrant.

As for the penalty should a member be found breaking any of our rules? Corporal punishment of course! No, really, the rules are very simple, just don't break them, ok?

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