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Real people, Real rat lovers. [entries|friends|calendar]
Real people, real rat lovers!

"Real people, real rat lovers."
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Central Texas Rat Rescue's 2nd Annual Winter Raffle! [December 01, 2013 @ 12:31am]


The second annual winter raffle for Central Texas Rat Rescue (formerly Huron Valley Rat Rescue) has begun!

Click for more details and to buy tickets!

Many, MANY prizes available to win, both rat and non-rat related, and tickets are only $1 each. Help support CTRR!


Rescue Raffle Ahoy! [December 01, 2012 @ 12:08pm]


The first annual winter raffle for Central Texas Rat Rescue (formerly Huron Valley Rat Rescue) has begun!

Click for more details and to buy tickets!

Many, MANY prizes available to win, both rat and non-rat related, and tickets are only $1 each. Help support CTRR!


Ferret Nation 142 available (NE Kansas) [December 25, 2011 @ 9:35am]

(Crossposted to the ratties group)

Happy holidays, all! The last of my rats recently passed on, and I've decided to take a long break from owning rats. I'm selling my FN142 and a ton of supplies (LINK).

I am very interested in selling this cage so I can free up some room in my apartment. Please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested!

Breeder in Southern MN? [November 17, 2009 @ 9:00pm]

Hi All

A rat loving friend of mine has gotten her brother hooked on ratties. He's just about all set for them, new cage, blocks, toys, hammocks, the works, but no rats.

Does anyone know of a breeder in southern Minnesota? He's in the Rochester area. We'd like for him to adopt from someone with a clue so that he has someone local he can turn to in an emergency for advice or whatever - we're in Texas. He's older (late 50's), so it's more likely to be a stable home.


A difficult decision [November 10, 2009 @ 5:08pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I'm sad to say that I have realized I need to rehome my four rats. I really do not want to do this but after moving out and not getting quite the pay I was hoping for, I'm realizing that if my rats get ill, which is most likely to happen, whether it but tumor or what not, I'm unable to pay their vet bills.
I have one male dumbo and 3 females. Uno, the male, is neutered and nearly 2 years old. I really feel bad for having to rehome him as this will be his 3rd home.
Breve, my siamese, is about a year, and Cybil and Toffee are about 6 and 5 months (born this past summer/spring). These three females I took in after bonding with them a bit too much at the pet store I had been working at and couldn't bare to watch them become snake food (yes I know its how things go).
Breve does tend to be a biter as i got her when she was a bit old and not used to being handled. Cybil and Toffee are total sweet hearts, as is Uno.
I'm not looking for any adoption fee, I just want them to go to really good homes, preferably together, and to someone who will be able to meet all their needs as I am now unable to, unless something changes quickly.
If anyone is in need of a second cage, I have a SuperPets cage (purple and green type http://www.smallanimalchannel.com/images/ferrets-magazine/product-spotlight/superpet-60248-bg.jpg) that's almost brand new. They've only been in it for the last two months that I'm willing to sell for $70 and I also have a ferret nation cage that they were in before I moved. The pans are pretty chewed up, but otherwise its in great condition, and I'm willing to sell it for $100 (or make an offer).

Uno and Cybil. Cybil is the more silver one.


And Breve

(x-posted to other rat communities)

edit: I'm located in Austin, Tx


[July 19, 2009 @ 9:03pm]

I'm looking for a list of UK rat breeders if anyone can help. I did have one but seem to have lost it.

[July 14, 2009 @ 11:30am]

Pre-ownership application.Collapse )
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Rat Mental Model [May 08, 2009 @ 3:00pm]

Ratty humor:

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Happy World Rat Day! [April 04, 2009 @ 3:18pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Are you doing anything to celebrate?

I made rattie cupcakes.Collapse )

I took over half of them to school with me yesterday to share. They were a hit! And funfetti, in case you were wondering.


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Newbie [March 18, 2009 @ 11:31pm]

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I do not currently own any rats but I'm looking into getting 2 female babies. I had one when I was 16, given to me by my grandparents, when I knew nothing about them and she died so this time I want to do a lot of research to make sure they live a long time. I have a few questions and I hope you guys can help me out.

Vet care, do the need it?
What kind of cages do you guys have/would recommend?
What do you have in the cage (shavings, toys, etc.)?
What kind of food and treats do you use?
How much does the food run?
Any words of advice?

Thank you all very much in advance!
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[March 18, 2009 @ 8:45pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I really don't want to do this, but I'm looking for a new home for my female himalayan, red eyed rat. She has been picking on my older rat, but not the younger. However, I don't want to seperate my older guy from the other because they get along. I think she needs a younger companion. Either a fixed male or other females. She is also a biter, unfortunately. And not fixed.
I live in south Texas area, so if anyone is interested, please email me. Stormphyre@gmail.com
I don't mind driving to meet somewhere if need be.


Convalescent food [March 12, 2009 @ 5:12pm]

What mix do you feed your rats when they are sick/losing weight/refusing food?

One of my girls is on Chloramphenicol orally twice a day, and has gone off her food.  Our standard mix of high energy food has failed to tempt her, she even ignored Nutrigel after two mouthfuls!

Our standard mix is prepared by my girl, and is a combination of budgie crumbles, baby custard, crushed biscuits and other goodies, mixed with fresh cream and nuked before serving by finger.

x-posted to multiple rat comms.
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New cage fun :) [March 08, 2009 @ 3:38pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Several pictures behind the cut, I'm sorry dial up users :P

ProgressCollapse )

x-posted to various rat related communities.


New rattie [February 11, 2009 @ 10:03pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

So after getting my rat, Amity, I joined a few groups and everyone told me I need to get her a companion. Well, I had the chance tonight and I did. I've read a bit up on introducing rats in a mutual area, I was thinking maybe in the bathtub. How long should I wait to introduce them? I have two cages so it isn't a big deal if I have to wait a while.

Another question, or a concern, is that when I bought the second rat, I didn't notice how much smaller she is compared to Amity. She is younger and will get bigger but I do not know if that would be a hazard to introduce a smaller rat to a bigger one.

I'd appreciate your comments and suggestions!

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Because I love my ratties... [February 04, 2009 @ 7:41pm]

I'm sorry if this is inappropriate, but I feel it's important to spread the word. In case anyone's not aware of the Herbal Essences campaign - Herbal Essences force-fed butylparaben to pregnant rats to see if it harmed their developing offspring in a test that killed almost 100 pregnant mothers and their 1,447 babies.

We all love our ratties, so please go here - http://www.uncaged-news.org.uk/hepetition.php and sign the petition to stop Herbal Essences testing on animals.


PLEASE read under the cut for more info - Frequently Asked QuestionsCollapse )

x-posted all over the place, sorry.
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Only a few hours left! [January 31, 2009 @ 8:44pm]


Huron Valley Rat Rescue's third annual Winter Raffle is ENDING in just a few hours! Clickie for more details and to buy tickets while you still can. Many prizes available to win (including some late arrivals!), both rat and non-rat related!

Winners to be announced tomorrow! :)

Confusion [January 31, 2009 @ 10:41am]

[ mood | confused ]

I got a rat going on about two weeks ago. I've been learning a lot about them and I am in the search of a companion for her since I found out having just one isn't a good idea.

The rat that I have though did something that really confused me. I always pay attention to her, though I dont' pick her up. She doesn't like that. I'm working my way up towards her letting me. I got up to get ready for work and I went over to say hi and she bite me. Enough to bleed.

I have no idea why she would just suddenly bite me like that. I didn't startle her, I was talking to her and she was looking at me before I reached over to touch her.

Just wanted to get some input. That certainly isn't fun to be bitten and I don't want her to be unhappy either. I always hear how rarely rats bite so I'm just worried!

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baby rats? [January 23, 2009 @ 5:35pm]

I live in Nashville, TN & I am looking to get a new rat. Mine died about a year ago.. & I'm ready to have a new one, I miss having them around.

I'm really looking for someone in the area who has a new litter & I reallllllyyyy want a rex/dumbo but just please let me know if you're in the area & have a litter.

Thank you!
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Win Cool Stuff, Support Rat Rescue! [January 21, 2009 @ 7:28pm]


Huron Valley Rat Rescue's third annual Winter Raffle is ENDING SOON! Clickie for more details and to buy tickets while you still can. Many prizes available to win (including some late arrivals!), both rat and non-rat related!

Feel free to cross-post!
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Clicker Training! [January 14, 2009 @ 10:29pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm aware that I haven't posted in a long time! However, since I joined and was suggested to get another cage, I would like to say that I have upgrade twice and will post pictures when I can get new batteries for my camera. For now, I have a question!

I am a vet tech student enrolled in a Behaviour Modification class this semester. We are required to teach an animal either a specific behaviour or trick by the end of the semester for a grade. She evaluates progress throughout the semester and as long as she sees some progress, she gives us credit. We could pick between dogs, cats, and horses (our school has a major equine emphasis).

I asked her if I could use one of my rats, instead. She was rather intrigued by the idea just like I assumed. She apparently has an associate that is employed by the University of Kentucky in the research department involving rats and other rodents so she would inquire to find the most practical behaviour/trick possible.

By the end of the semester, we are required to train the animal to do two specific behaviours, one through a hand cue and and one through a verbal cue. I've been watching lots of training/agility videos on youtube lately and while they're helpful in learning what rats can be taught, they don't give a step by step or any kind of information on how they got the rat to achieve the behaviour. This is where I need help.

I'm sure someone on here has trained rats, or at least I hope so. Haha I was hoping I could find out what would be most beneficial considering I must have my rat ready to perform around late April and during progress examination throughout the semester. I feel this would help my rat, Ephram, and I bond and give him some intellectual stimulation. I have three other rats, Brighton and Bleeker, whom I can practice on to train myself to train Ephram, the subject of my project. I have not and will not start any introduction to the clicker or training until I can be confident that I will not confuse him or ruin our progress.

Thank you for any suggestions, help or training tips!

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