Allie (lalliegator) wrote in ratsnospos,

Name: Allie
Age: 18
Location: Polk County, Florida
Housing Situation: Living with mom :]
Are you allowed to have pets in your home? Yup!
Do you have any other pets? Seven cats
Have you ever had rats before? Not yet
Why did you decide to get rats? They are so cute! And it's nice to think of having a pet that will actually LIKE the fancy things you make for it.
Is there a particular rat variety you favor? So far I really like rexes, dumbos and pews. :]
Your favorite thing about rats, or the reason you want rats: They're playful and intelligent
Cage(s) you plan on using (description and pictures [stock image or your own]) including travel cages/carriers: or Critter Nation two level [if I have room]. And maybe these for carriers?: I'm not sure on that yet
Diet you plan on providing ("staple" diet as well as treats [be specific and include brand names!]): I was thinking of using Suebee's diet with some dog food. As far as treats go: Yogies, rice, veggies, and fruits
Type of bedding you'll use: I'm thinkin' Carefresh, shredded news paper, or fleece scraps
Do you know about the woes of pine & cedar? Yes! D:
Have you begun researching your local vets? If so, have you found one? There's one right in my town
Are they a small animal/exotics specialist? I think he is, I'll have to check on that.
If not, we recommend providing them with a copy of Debbie Duccommun's Rat Care Health Book. Would you be willing to? Yes.
Have you begun researching common rat illnesses and treatment, and are you aware of the costs of those treatments? This is about the only thing I haven't thoroughly read into yet. I plan on doing this soon.
Do you plan to follow your vet's advice? Of course.
Do you plan on breeding your rats? No.
Do you know anything about rat genetics, or genetic defects and illness? No.
Where do you plan to let your rats free range (have out of cage time) and how frequently? My bed room [after rat proofing] and the bathroom on really hot days. As far as how long goes, probably at least an hour :]
Do you want to learn how to give your rats the best possible lives? I sure do.
Pictures! Post any pictures of your preferred variety, or just cute rat pictures you've found. (Please, NO hotlinking/direct linking. If we find out it's hotlinked, we'll delete it from the application.)
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