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New cage fun :)

Several pictures behind the cut, I'm sorry dial up users :P

My apologies for the appalling quality of these pictures, the camera is broken and doesn't flash anymore >(

Empty cage is empty. This cage has been custom made for me. It's 80x60x100 cm, and has 50 cm of additional storage space underneath. It's on wheels, and the wheels come with a lock so the cage is sturdy when I don't need it to move. There's one big door on the left and two smaller ones on the right.

My old cage, the Furet XL getting emptied out, awaiting its faith (hot shower with green soap, mwuhaha!)

The Aluminium Beast getting decorated. Basics first.

More hammocks

Added ratty old towel -- but they like it

Their favourite lounging pad

Litterbox number 1 added

Luckily I ordered a lot more of these, woo


Not the best of layouts -- I've yet to pick up my new hammock sets -- but it works for now and the rats are pleased :) So am I, it was a -dream- to decorate this cage. No more back aches for me!

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